View Full Version : Okinawan bo videos?

Jay Vail
8th February 2004, 11:28
Okay, nobody wants to talk about websites as being sources of info. That's probably a good thing.

But how about videos/CD? Does anyone know any good videos/CDs of Okinawan kubujutsu bo that are worth buying? I've seen several at various websources and Amazon. But I hold back, knowing how bad many videos are.

Rob Alvelais
8th February 2004, 15:24
I like Oshiro's bo video of Yamane Ryu on Tsunami productions.
Nishiuchi has a series out on Panther Video. I've not seen it, but it seems somewhat comprehensive.


9th February 2004, 17:59
Fumio Demarus(sp) ar ok, they teach everything in the book

Mitch Saret
9th February 2004, 19:55
He has two in the original series from Panther...now owned by Century. And I think he did a second set where he cover's the bo again.

11th February 2004, 11:14
The Oldtimer - Bud˘. The Art of Killing (Bad name, some good stuff) contains some footage maybe interesting with Hayashi Teruo, various Kobujutsu.

Cunning Fox - Matayoshi Shinp˘: Traditional Okinawa Kobud˘. Notice that in the B˘jutsu Bunkai parts of the Video (except the first one or two), Higaonna Morio is the partner of Matayoshi Shinp˘. (I didn't notice first, but recognized only by his Kiai :o) ) Interestingly, I have heard that some of the moves have been adjusted by Matayoshi Shinp˘ - it is said, he didn't wanted to show all just like the producers wanted.

The Japanized? - Ryűkuyű Kobud˘ Vol. 1 (B˘ and Sai) by Inoue. - Very structured - and also interesting. Shows an overview of all weapons, some history, some demonstration (can't get enough of it; it's so good!!! And it's Japanese!). Detailed Kamae-kata, Uke- and Seme-waza as well as 10 (or 15?) Yakusoku Kumite and beginners kata Shűji no kun.

Greetings from the Royal Court - Motobu Udundi by BAB has some - not very much - B˘jutsu.

Interdisciplinary - Also look for a video with Morihei Ueshiba using wooden Yari. I don't know the name of the video, but it is a very good training using wooden Yari against a kend˘-d˘ fitted to a tree.