View Full Version : Effectively "Selling" a MA School?

11th February 2004, 19:59
Hello Allie,

I just have a general question in terms of the marketing and building of a strong customer base as it pertains to getting (and keeping) a martial arts school up and running.

Did you ever have problems really attracting students to join your schools?

I guess what I'm asking is, martial arts really aren't considered to be a necessesity to most people, so what were some of the ideas you used in order to sell it as something that would be beneficial over the countless other activities a person could undertake?

Thanks in advance!

14th February 2004, 20:56
Dear Walt:

Nothing is ever easy. Bringing the students through the doors is all about marketing. I think the best thing for you to do is read up on that a bit. My recommendation is that you do as much different types of marketing at once as you can. Most things are very inexpensive.

I just released a video on it called A complete Education for a martial arts professional.

Available at Lininja.com It may help you.

In spirit;