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Jack B
24th May 2000, 23:13
I study Eishin ryu and recently had the opportunity to train with some practitioners of Muso Shinden ryu. There are quite a number of differences, but they can probably be summed up as being more circular and extravagant motions. The Eishin ryu seems to be more sharp and linear. Then there are angles of the blade before and after kirioroshi (horizontal for Shinden ryu), etc. There are some pretty significant divergences.

My question is: do these differences date from before Nakayama Hakudo? I know Oe Masamichi changed the names of the Omori katas. Did Oe change the performance of the techniques and principles of the style, that drastically? Did Nakayama? Or do these differences date back to Tanimura-ha and Shimomura-ha?

Is there any video of pre-Oe/Nakayama katas? Say late 1800's?