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15th February 2004, 06:37
This thread was a difficult one to give a subject to. Coming from karate do, I was drawn to kobudo weaponry similar to those emply hand techniques. I saw the bo in Funakoshi's jitte and bassai-sho kata; the tekko in jiin, and the sai as an extension of many techniques. But I was always unable to find suitable instruction.

I have most recently started training in Suio ryu, and very much enjoy the classical weapon art which includes iaido, jo, naginata kusarigama. And I have incredible instruction. As I look back to a lingering interest in kobudo weaponry (sai, bo), I realize that some might conflict with techniques of this ryu. Certainly, the sai would not. But would bo (eku, nuntibo) conflict with naginata technique? The jo (kobudo gusan or the shindo muso ryu jo) would now be in conflict of interest with the techniques of the Suio jo, which I would not broach. Has anybody altered thier "preferred" kobudo weapons to uphold a difffernt kobudo ryu or other classical Japanese ryu? Thoughts? Thanks. Ryan

Gene Williams
15th February 2004, 09:57
Some of the weapons you name are Okinawan, not Japanese.

15th February 2004, 19:59
Yes, I am quite aware of the distinction of weapons that are Okinawan and Japanese. However, my inquiry was the notion that the training of a weapon from one ryu (whether Japanese or Okinawan) could be so similar in technique to muddle one's training in another ryu.

For a clearer (I hope) example. If one trains with the gusan (flared ends) using Shindo Muso techniques (because access is limited to kobudo-derived techniques) while meanwhile training in a kobudo school, one has mixed ryus.

I was wondering if anyone in the kobudo community saw any similarities (to the point of conflicting interests) in the training of the Okinawan nuntei bo or eku bo with that of the yari or naginata from a Japanese ryu? Curiously, Ryan

Old Dragon
20th February 2004, 08:30
I have studied several ryu of kobudo. Some to the point of rank and some I have simply "played" with and others for many years.

Isshin Ryu has kobudo built into it from its conception. It has bo kata and sai and tuifa (tonfa) its lineage has Taira Shinken and his style (Ryu Kyu Kobudo) lineage in it.

In search of roots I began to study Ryu Kyu Kobudo and eventually earned a dan rank in it. Both styles have Chatan Yara no sai. Although very similar there are some distinct small differences. I found it very difficult to seperate the two because they were in fact so close. Eventually I had to drop one when testing for my karate sensei I had trouble performing the "correct" kata.

On the positive side, my bo kata have developed much more power and I have a greater understanding of the weapon as an extension of the body. I feel that prior to studying Ryu Kyu Kobudo I was simply performing Karate with a stick. I must admit that my kata have a few subtle stance variations from what I was originally taught in Isshin ryu, I am aware of them and I am still working on the basic concepts i learned and adding them to my kata........... (no I'm not changing the kata, I'm adding to the mechanicle advantage)

The other side of it was eventually I was working simply to many kata and I had to make a decision. I maintained several that to me displayed the essence of the style............ But as always..... Return to Isshin Ryu....... Good luck in your training.

Mike O'Leary