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15th February 2004, 15:03
I was looking into purchasing a Go board where can a high quality go board be purchased?

23rd February 2004, 02:22

Has IMO a very reasonably priced board (http://www.samarkand.net/Web_store/web_store.cgi?page=NK3B.html&cart_id=5331416_75622) ($35) that has a 13x13 grid on one side and a 9x9 on the other. It's a nice solid (figuratively, not one-piece) piece of wood that is seamless and smooth. My only compaint about the board is that the grid is not carved, but one could easily solve this with a table saw and a very fine saw blade, or even an exacto knife for that matter. I'm wondering if I could somehow stabilize a dremmel and use that.

Their stones are also very nice polished glass, of which I have yet to observe a single flaw. I splurged and went for the 10mm stones thinking that if I'm gonna pay this much I may as well pay that much, cause I doubt I'm ever gonna be buying stones again in my life. They're nice and weighty. Now all I need to do is find someone who doesn't find the game too obtuse.

23rd February 2004, 19:45
thanks Ill work on finding someone to play with:D

24th February 2004, 19:59
Janice Kim(owner) is the won who rights getting go in Shonen Jump that is neat