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20th February 2004, 08:52
Hi Scott

I'm curious to know about pressure points along or down the centre line of the human body, as opposed to ones along the arms or outer extremedies.

What are the main pressure points down the human centre line both front and back, and perhaps you could explain a little more about what they do in terms of Ki flow etc.. ie. what are they connected to?

Appreciate your reply and any information you care to share.

Many thanks

Scott Rogers
20th February 2004, 20:48
The most sensitive pressure points on the centerline would be the following: The bladder cluster which are three points between the groin and the belly button they are known as conception vessel 2,3,and 4. C.V 14 also know as the solar plexus, CV 17 which is located between the nipples lying directly over the heart. CV 22 which is the hole at the base of your neck, and G.V.(Governing vessel) 26 which is th point lying between your nose and upper lip. There is also a point whcih is on the centerline and is not directly related to any meridian and this point is the third eye point, which is located on the forhead between the eyes. According to chinese medicine certain points are termed 'Alarm points'. This means that if one of your organs lets say the heart for example is sick the alarm point becomes extra sensitive to let you know something is wrong. Most of these alarm points lie on the front centerline of the body making this a target rich area to focus on. Some martial arts such as wing chun make extensive use of centerline striking.

21st February 2004, 00:01
Thanks... in terms of repetitive long-term atemi (strikes) to these points, are there any possible health issues or risks for the recipient?

In the case of full power contact strike to any of these points ie. cross punching in wing chung, what in your opinion with be the likely outcome, or result on the opponents body both in the short and longer-term?


Scott Rogers
21st February 2004, 00:30
the health issues and the effectso fo the punches would be dependent on many factors first of which would be what point are we talking about?

21st February 2004, 04:52
I agree, a bit too broad.

In the context of my interest, the repetitive question relates to the solar plexus point ONLY @ say 1/3rd to half power of fist punch ie. pulled. Say over several hundred times in a few years... any likelihood of some internal health issues or not anything to be concerned about.

The combative application question relates to say a cane, kali stick, jo stick etc... directly thrusted at full power with 100% body behind it, or possible a strike. Let's say between 1000psi and up to 2000psi in a single strike/thrust to EACH of the main centerline points you mentioned.

Thanks... I'm finding this interesting.

Scott Rogers
23rd February 2004, 19:09
hitting the solar plexus the immediate effects would be dependent on the angle of the blow. Down and in would effect the stomach causing the person to vomit. up and in would effect primarily the heart and lungs. As far as long term effects go , you would be better consulting with a doctor on this one. Of course repetitive blows to the head have a wide number of effects from dementia to alzheimers. Martial artist have been conditioning their body to accept blows for hundreds of years.(kyokushin for example).