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26th February 2004, 04:09
i'm currently making a music video that contains martial arts bloopers that were caught on film and then posted on the internet, and i was wondering if anyone out there had any that they would like to be put into the video. as soon as it's done (or when i think it is), ill put it online for viewing. The song to it is probably going to be 'A Circle of Guilt' from Asian Drums II by Kiyoshi Yoshida unless i find one that fits better.
thanks a lot!

26th February 2004, 18:03
Try this: http://www.wayofthewinds.com/video.htm

I don't think Grand Master Ronald Duncan ever meant these videos to contain bloopers, but these are really funny. I just hope I could find more videos by same great master in the internet.

27th February 2004, 09:49
Just saw the movies on that link.

That guy is a twat! That is not budo. In the third movie of him doing knife technique, I am sure that he was waving either a frozen fish or a banana around.

The group attack was the most jaw dropping thing I have seen for a while.:D

Oda, you must post this in the bad or baffling budo section!

27th February 2004, 13:35
Hi Stan,

I believe there have been discussions about Grand Master Ronald Duncan on e-budo quite many times before. Do a search on his name and you'll be surprised by how many threads you'll find.

Supposedly this was the first thread where I first encountered these videos. http://www.e-budo.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15572&highlight=Ronald+Duncan

Wounded Ronin
15th March 2004, 18:23
Pretty spiffy.