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Jason W
28th February 2004, 13:39
Dear Nathan sama,

I notice on your website articles related to the Kobori Ryu Suijutsu.

Does Kobori Ryu have any shuriken techniques? I ask this because in the sources of shuriken information I have come across, a Kobori Ryu is mentioned in relation to a particular blade of the hira-shuriken type.

Looking at your pages, I cannot see how a blade art would be related to the swimming techniques, and that the name is probably used for more than one school.

Any info would be appreciated.


Jason Wotherspoon

Secrets of Shuriken-do (http://www.aikidoaus.com.au/dojo/shuriken)

Jason W
22nd March 2004, 14:33
Shirakami Eizo, in his book on Shuriken-do, has the kanji for Kobori Ryu as:

Interestingly, the second character "bori" means moat, so we have the notion of the element water present in the name of the shuriken art.

Still a long shot, I guess...


Jason Wotherspoon

21st April 2012, 19:38

Has anyone any new informatioin about Kobori ryu and various Kobori ryu shuriken desings ?

Is the Kobori ryu that uses shurikens, ninjutsu, suijutsu or sogobujutsu ryu ?

T Försti

Nathan Scott
25th April 2012, 02:38
Hello Mr. Wotherspoon,

It sounds like you are looking for me. Almost missed this thread.

I put up a page on Kobori-ryu To-suijutsu a long time ago on my webpage:


I don't actually study the art, it was simply a rather random selection of several koryu I was planning on featuring that had little to no information published in English previously.

I'm currently in Japan right now, so I don't have access to my books. But I do believe the Kobori-ryu schools are different. As far as bladed weapons, the Kobori-ryu To-suijutsu school does have paired sword kata while treading water in armor. Don't know about shurikenjutsu though...

BTW, I just picked up a fairly nice bo-shuriken from Shobudo Budogu-ya in Kanda across from the Tokyo Dome. It appears to be ground from sword steel. Cost is 3,500 yen per shrunken, but the balance feels pretty nice. Not sure of what school it is modeled after yet.

They only carry a handful at a time, but if you are in the Kanda area of Tokyo this is the only source I've come across yet for new hand made bo-shuriken (not that I've really looked very hard).


26th June 2012, 04:06
Heh...this must be a record...8 year old thread necro...

Thanks for your reply Nathan.

I believe I have been to the Budo shop there in Kanda you mention, there's a few along that stretch of road.

I could give you more info about the blade if you could describe it for me. Guessing its a Katori Shinto Ryu blade http://www.secrets-of-shuriken.com.au/images/my_ksr_set02.jpg since the shop along there is known for selling them.

BTW, my shuriken site has changed servers since my initial post, so you could perhaps find more info about your blade there.


Jason Wotherspoon
Brisbane, Aust.

Nathan Scott
26th June 2012, 05:49
Hey Jason,

Yeah, I just found this thread and didn't notice how old the original posts were. Oops.

I checked my books and yes, the bo-shuriken I picked up is Katori shinto-ryu style. Throws great.

Keep up the good work on your website. It's a great resource for shurikenjutsu.