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Becky Sheetz
2nd March 2004, 15:52
Some are more prone to response from different points than others. I have two specific questions and I'd appreciate your experiences in responding:

1. Are the pressure points in the exact same place from person to person? I mean, is it that scentific, or do they vary?

2. Can you make any general statements such as muscular guys are more/less susceptible to pressure points in the head? Small, thin people are more/less susceptible to points in the arms and legs, etc?


Scott Rogers
2nd March 2004, 20:55
There is some variation in the points especially in the torso region. In the torso a person who is exceptionally lean or overweight distorts their body physically making it more difficult (not impossible) to locate. Yes some people react more to some points than others. Some people you can literally tatap on a point and put them down, but in a real situation when a dangerous level of striking force is being exerted they will almost all have tyhe desired effect.

3rd March 2004, 07:43
There can be major different point locations, depending of the body inch or cun which is based on the body of Uke.

To facilitate location, a system using body landmarks and relative unit of measurement called a body ich was developed in ancient China and has remained in use. In truth, the location of acupuncture points requires a sensitivity that is acquired only by practice.


Gregory Castillian

Becky Sheetz
3rd March 2004, 13:59
Thanks guys. I guess my question about locations is that it is all relative to their body size though, right. A cun is a unit of measurement, so generally speaking, what would the reason be for degrees of variance?

I understand what Scott is saying about the torso, particularly for overweight people. I have a small young woman who I have a hard time locating nerves in the hands on and no one else has been able to get to them either. I didn't expect that with someone so lean.

4th March 2004, 11:05
The reason for variance is, the cun is differant of everyone. The cun is the width of the thumb at the interphlangial joint. My cun is differant than your cun. My cun is right for my body, yours for yours.

6th March 2004, 05:38

this page gives typical cun measurments