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Joseph Svinth
20th October 2000, 12:07
Okay, so it's western boxing rather than Japanese MA. But if you hold it up to the light just right while swallowing a second bottle of sake, you'll notice that a lot of the boxers are Pinoy, Japanese, or Korean. So it's got an Asian perspective, okay? Anyway, the URL is http://www.sports.nd.edu/exhibits/winkexhibit/winkmenu.html , and while the individual images are in TIFF and therefore slow to download, they are spectacular.

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22nd October 2000, 09:43
This site I can vouch for. There are outstanding photos for the chosing, and if you have Kodak imaging, or something similar, you can put them on disc. These photos I've never seen, though a couple, so far, I have. Great site for boxing fans, sake or no.:D