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tsurashi shondo
7th March 2004, 20:23
I'd like to share/exchange images related to
japanese and neo-japanese tattoo (horimono)
So here's one to start the ball rolling

tsurashi shondo
7th March 2004, 20:28
and another

tsurashi shondo
9th March 2004, 01:07
a good one

tsurashi shondo
9th March 2004, 01:09
black dragon

Daniel san
24th March 2004, 01:50
Very nice,
I've always wanted a tatoo, but I think I'll wait until I get fat. The picture I have in mind won't fit on me.:D

tsurashi shondo
24th March 2004, 02:34
Well, most traditional Japanese tattoo involves covering large pieces of the body. I bet it would fit on your back Dan.
No excuses, get it before you wrinkle and sag!:D

Erik S. Desmond
24th March 2004, 04:43
I see you are using Horihides designs except the hannya, whos design is this?

tsurashi shondo
24th March 2004, 04:53
I have a large collection of japanese and japanese influenced tattoo art. I think, off the top of my head that that design is by Adam Sky from Vancouver B.C.. I will check that however, and post if found wrong.I will confesss that it was bad form of me not to state the authorship of the designs with the postings. I will post some of my own stuff up here once I get a new scanner. I had hoped others would share as well.

tsurashi shondo
24th March 2004, 05:04
the hannya is by Ulrich Winther. I have no other info on this artist,
Mr. Desmond perhaps you would post some of your work here? It is most impressive.

tsurashi shondo
24th March 2004, 05:27
this is what I had on the hard drive, They are of course not intended to be flash, but these clients have consented to having thier tattoos shown publicly.
My work often borrows from japanese styles but is more truly a pan-asian hybrid in these instances.

24th March 2004, 09:05
Cool thread guys. Keep 'em coming.

30th March 2004, 18:06
Indeed a cool thread. I have been looking for a dragon with Chinese or Japanese influence. Thanks for sharing and here is one I found sorry dont know the artist.


12th April 2004, 18:29
Ok I totally want one of these tatoos now.

19th July 2015, 13:47
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24th April 2016, 14:21
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