View Full Version : George Kohler assuming admin duties

John Lindsey
9th March 2004, 02:57
George Kohler (Genbukan Forum moderator) has agreed to look after E-Budo while I am away in Iraq. He is a long time friend and student of mine, and was one of the original members here. As of today, he had full admin powers and can be considered your point of contact with any problems or complaints.

Being an Admin is not an easy job, so please try and help George out. I don't leave till March 14th, but my online time is limited as a prepare for my trip. I will have access to the internet in about 2 weeks, but I will not have much time to devote myself to admin duties.

9th March 2004, 03:08
Good luck, be safe, have fun.

Oh, and bring me back a camel spider :D

11th March 2004, 15:25
Greetings George,

Glad to have you on board! Have fun! Check your mail, it's on its way.

15th March 2004, 01:00
We're in trouble now!:eek:
Just kidding!:D
Actually I find George to be an accurate and capable reflection of his e-budo sensei. As John has done, George shall do.

Juan Perez
15th March 2004, 02:22
Good luck, John ... PM inbound.