View Full Version : For Sale: Bugei Bamboo Daisho

Dave Neeley
9th March 2004, 08:16
Bugei Blue Bamboo Daisho

Katana 28/14, tsuka rewrapped in doeskin by Ted Tenold.

Email for pics.

Prefer to sell as set.


Dave Neeley
10th March 2004, 22:51
Here are some pics

Bamboo 1 (http://www.escondidofishandgame.com/pics/1.jpg)
Bamboo 2 (http://www.escondidofishandgame.com/pics/2.jpg)
Bamboo 3 (http://www.escondidofishandgame.com/pics/3.jpg)
Bamboo 4 (http://www.escondidofishandgame.com/pics/4.jpg)

11th March 2004, 08:42
damn these things always come round when my money is committed into something else (wedding)...

I'll ask around, I remember someone in the dojo talking about the fact that he was looking for a katana...

Dave Neeley
15th March 2004, 03:01
Sold, pending payment.