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10th March 2004, 20:46

The 28th Kisei is shaping up to be a very interesting match!

Hane Naoki won the first three games in a row. Yamashita Keigo was definately in a slump and had his back against the wall. Hane just needs one more win to take the series (best of 7).

However, Yamashita squeeked by with a half point victory in game 4 and convincingly beat Hane in game 5 to show a return of form.

Game 6 is currently being played with alot of interesting play. Tomorrow (02/10/04) will mark the conclusion of game 6. Will Hane be able to finish the series with a win or will Yamashita be able to continue his regained form and push the series into a 7th and final game?

You can find out tomorrow by watching it live on Interenet Go Server or on the Yomiuri Shinbun's (sponsor) website. Yomiuri Shinbun's site will show the game record when finished too.

http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/igoshougi/ (click on the second icon down Kisei link)

Of course, Jansteen's site will also show the game record when finished.