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Harry Ravelo
12th March 2004, 08:40
Hello everyone.

During my on-going research on Koryu, I came across quite an interesting picture about Naginatajutsu. I am very fresh to this kind of art and don't know much about it yet but this stroke me as been quite amazing: I saw a picture of two women practicing their kata, the one with a baby on her back. (view photo on Koryu.com: http://koryu.com/cgi-bin/guidephotos.cgi?album=wwj&photo=wwj28)

It looks very pretty.
My question is: has Toda-ha Buko-ryu or any other ryu including naginatajutsu in their curriculum, ever developped techniques with women fighting and defending their babies on their backs??

This particular photograph could be a pure coincidence: the woman couldn't leave the baby on the side and therefore is practicing wt him/her instead...?? May be it's not incompatible??

Thank you all in advance.

Best regards,

12th March 2004, 09:58
The photo seems to have been removed. Does it exist on some other link?

Harry Ravelo
12th March 2004, 10:13
Sorry Jakob.

I just tried now and it also gives me an error message, then when i try again by pressing the "enter" key it works....??? weird!

otherwise i have it saved on my puter. may be i could paste it in here?


Dan Harden
12th March 2004, 10:49
Courtesy of those wonderful folks at Koryu .com
Diane and Meik Skoss.

Don't talk about Koryu
Do it.


Harry Ravelo
12th March 2004, 11:56
Thanx Dan and thanx also to the great Diane and Meik Skoss for the pic.

Let's do Koryu... let's do...;)


12th March 2004, 15:25
I was actually thinking of another picture I have seen. It was from Japan if I am not mistaken and the baby was more traditionally fixed. I think most naginata would work with a baby on the back, though. Maybe I should do an empirical research about it :D