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14th March 2004, 23:43
The Ronin" A novel based on a zen myth, by William Dale Jennings (Tuttle publishing)

Told to Jennings him by his Zen master.
I highly recommend this authentic book. I am writing for research help. I have been unable to determine the author of the quotation

The book has a quote on the opening page....

When Heaven is about to confer
A great office upon a man
It first exercises his mind with suffering
And his sinews and bones with toil
It exposes him to poverty
And confounds all his undertakings
Then it is seen if he is ready

Who is Moshi? Chinese, Japanese, Taoist or Buddhist, time period etc.

George Kohler
15th March 2004, 01:42

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Jason Couch
16th March 2004, 01:31

Joseph Svinth
16th March 2004, 02:02

I believe that is Legge's 1895 translation, as a more recent professor of Chinese translates it a bit differently. http://www.galileolibrary.com/ebooks/as04/mencius_page_3.htm