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Becky Sheetz
17th March 2004, 16:43
It may better belong in the health section, but I've gotten good feedback from folks here: What can you tell me about treating migrains--my own or someone else's? Thanks!

18th March 2004, 05:54
Hi Becky,
It would depend where on the head it hurts. Some are related to liver/gall bladder, some to stomach. However, LI-4 (hegu) is the command point for the mouth and face, it helps on some frontal headaches DO NOT USE THIS DURING PREGNANCY as another one of its uses is to induce labor. L-7 (lieque) is the command point for the head and back of the neck and helps headaches that are more to the sides and rear. GB-21 (jianjing) releases tension in the neck and shoulders, SEE NOTE ABOVE this point is used to send energy down, and can be used to expedite delivery and promote the descent of the placenta. GB-20 (fengchi) can be used to relax the back of the head and the neck. True migraines, St-8, GB-8, GB-14, and DU-16 are used. Points to be used also depend on other symptoms such as dizziness, stiffness of the neck, sweating, bilateral, bursting, lateral, occipital, whole head, one-sided, splitting, thundering...

Stop by a Barnes and Noble or a Borders Books and ask if they have a copy of "A Manual of Acupuncture" by Peter Deadman ISBN 0 9510546 7 8 usally around $130.00. Go to the back to the "indications index" and look up "headache".
Hope this helps..