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21st March 2004, 04:18
Hello all,

i just had to drop a note here to let you all know a couple of great sources if you're really serious about learning kyusho.

First, I already touched base on a previous post about kyusho.com. Evan Pantazi's website is quite simply the BEST tool I have found online for learning practical and functional kyusho. I also have bought EVERY video tape he has out there an I have to say they are definately TOP KNOTCH! Highly recommended.

Ans second has GOT to be Mark Kline's learnpressurepoints.com. I met and started training with this guy about the same time I met Master Pantazi., and I have to say that they BOTH have been instrumental in my search for knowledge reagrding presure points and kyusho. He's, got soem great stuff going on too, especially if you're looking for resources on applying traditional kata to presure point techniques. He's got some GREAT stuff out there.

I already got swamped with a ton of responses and emails from people who want to discuss and learn more about kyusho, and I appreciate that. Feel free to contact me if you like. I don't mean to sound like an infommercial, but these two have really help me learn and teach kyusho for what it is... an AMAZING martial art. You gotta check these out.