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Doug Daulton
24th October 2000, 05:49
Welcome to Ryukyu Kobudo... one of three new E-Budo forums dedicated to the martial arts and culture of the Okinawa and her sister islands in the Ryukyu Archipelago.

Due to their strategic position as both a military and trading ports, Okinawa and the rest of the Ryukyu Islands have, throughout history, been heavily influenced by China, mainland Japan and now the USA. Despite this fact, these islands have maintained a distinct martial and civil culture all their own. These forums have been created to allow E-budoka the opportunity to share and gather information related to the Ryukyus.

This specific forum ... Ryukyu Kobudo... will focus on the weapon-based fighting arts of the Ryukyu Islands including, but not limited to, the kobudo of Taira Shinken (both the Akamine and Inoue lines) and Matayoshi Shinko, Yammani-ryu bojutsu and other styles generally affiliated with the various karatedo ryuha.

All E-budo forum guidelines/rules apply. Enjoy!