View Full Version : Uehara Seikichi (Motobu-ryu)

Troll Basher
9th April 2004, 23:51
Uehara Seikichi of Motoburyu passed away on the 3rd of April. He was 100 years old.

10th April 2004, 16:58
My condolences Mr. Rousselot.

I've only read about Uehara Seikichi and have
admired him from afar. Long live Motoburyu...


11th April 2004, 13:23
My condolences, too.

May his legacy be continued.

Hank Irwin
18th April 2004, 03:09
RobertSan, he is on his way to Gates of Shaolin...He was an inspiration to so many, and will be for a long time to come. Peace to all at this time of mourning.