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Daniel Linden
12th April 2004, 20:24
Hi All,
I'm pleased to announce that On Mastering Aikido is finally available from www.onmasteringaikido.com

It includes a foreword by Mitsugi Saotome and has a few illustrations by olaf Schubert.

The book is nine dialogs on the Principles of Aikido. A dialog on Spitualism with Dennis Hooker Sensei is the one exception. The book reads like a series of short stories that all join and finish in one place. There is no discussion of technique and it is probably far more suited to the advanced Aikidoka than the beginner.


13th April 2004, 01:28
I've had both the opportunity and the pleasure of reading this book. What separates it from any other martial arts centered books is the way it reads. On Mastering Aikido reads more like a novel than an instruction manual and paints vivid pictures of Linden Sensei's training and thoughts.

The dialogs are vast and encompassing. Entertaining and witty. Serious and to the point.

As a person that studies Aikido, I loved reading it for the education. What I learned is that people that study other martial arts would enjoy it as well and even believe that non-martial artists could benefit from the read.

Warmest regards,

13th April 2004, 23:09
Hi Luke,

you wrote:

"As a person that studies Aikido, I loved reading it for the education"

I agree - I also liked some of the humor. I'm about half way through it and it's given me some stuff to think about. What did you think about the story about Osawa Sensei in the first chapter? Most of the stuff I've read so far seems pretty down to earth but that's like one of those camp fire stories you tell when your a kid. I've hear the story before and I still don't believe it.

Nobody can pin someone to the floor with the power of chi alone. Or can they? :confused:

Nah!!!!! I don't believe it. He almost had me there.

Take care.


John Connolly
13th April 2004, 23:53
So, are you 3 all Daniel Linden?

And isn't this a blatant sales pitch for your own book, Mr. Linden?

And wouldn't this be more properly posted in the Nomi no ichi section then?

P Goldsbury
14th April 2004, 00:04
The rules state that blatant commercial advertising is not alllowed. I did not consider Mr Linden's announcement of his book fitted this description. I have not read the book yet, but I hope that someone will consider writing a critical review.

Nevertheless, I am moving this thread to the Books section.

Best regards to all,

14th April 2004, 01:17
No John,

My name is Luke - not Daniel Linden nor Curtis Ihlefeld.

14th April 2004, 01:20

I've been pinned to the mat before without being touched. As I've only been at this for a few years, I'm not sure if it was Ki or fear that kept me on the ground, but I wasn't going anywhere until my master moved away from me.

Could fear be a form of Ki???

I suppose one day I'll find out...

14th April 2004, 04:13
Hi John,

no, I'm not Daniel Linden either. No mental reservations here - I'm a real living and breathing separate entity. You can quiz me on that, and I may even answer. I even navigated to the book section before posting this reply in all good faith. Are you convinced yet?

Oh well.


I posted my previous reply to you partially tongue in cheek and partially with a sense of expectation. I don't think there are many of us that don't expect a little magic when we start a martial art. How could we not? DOn't we go looking for something special in the foreign martial arts. By that I mean not boxing or wrestling, but karate, aikido and ju-jitsu even if they are really much the same (although my dad was an accomplished high school and college wrestler in Iowa and I am biased into thinking that that is the meanest martial art in existence :)).

I don't think that fear is ki. I don't know what ki is. You know, I grew up in the 70's watching the Chariots of Fire, pyramid power, russian psychics bending spoons and moving compass needles etc., etc. With my present believe that that was all a bunch of nonsense, my B.S. detectors are always on HIGH. Hey, those were the formative years. But when I hear Linden Sensei, with whom I train and respect, talk about stuff like this with sincerity and conviction, I have to ask myself if there is something to it.

That's all I wanted to say, and I was looking for another opinion.