View Full Version : Kon or Bo <Long Staff>

Doug Daulton
24th October 2000, 17:10
An open thread dedicated to general questions regarding the long staff as used in Okinawan weapons traditions

25th October 2000, 09:59
So you're in Okinawa, and you have wells or the river for water sources, how yo going to carry two buckets of water perfectly balanced, but on a pole?

Still done today in Korean countrside.

26th October 2000, 15:13
Could carry one on your head like they do in Africa.

27th October 2000, 07:06
Cold do that, but for two, need a bo.

27th October 2000, 08:55

This is kind of tongue in cheek, because I agree with you on this one. Two pots would justify the need for a bo and therefore one could carry a weapon without suspicion.

In Africa the ladies would place one on their heads unsupported and carry the other ones in their hands. You can still see them doing it today. Of course they had a man walking in front of them with a spear, so it kind of invalidates the covert farming tool approach.


27th October 2000, 13:50

Nothing wrong with having a bodyguard.