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Ellis Amdur
25th October 2000, 02:04
As the reader will infer, this is a forum about a book - Dueling with Osensei, which is a (very slightly revised) collection of essays first published in Aikido Journal. Ostensibly about aikido, these essays also address such issues as abuse in the martial arts community, ethics in extreme situations, portrayals of remarkable men, and questions about power and peace and conflict resolution.

One of the problems about self-publishing is that one has to take responsibility for selling one's work. If you sell your work to a publisher, they do all printing, distribution work, etc., for you - and give you about 10% or less per book for the service. If you self-publish and then sell through distributers, be they large or small, they take about 50% right off the top.

So I decided to do all that myself, and after paying for printing and to a friend for the desk-top publishing, take responsibility for any profit or loss myself.

So I decided to send review copies to magazines and relevant internet sites. John Lindsey suggested to me that he set up a forum - here - for those interested in the book to discuss. My function is to moderate. Unlike a "guest forum," I'm not here to respond to every post - but if there is a specific question or if I wish to take part in a thread, I will do my best to do so in a timely manner.

My thanks to John for making this space available. And for those interested in ordering, simply click this link for ordering instructions - I apologize for the inconvenience, for those used to credit cards, Amazons and bookstores, but this is the only way to get the book, for those interested.


Ellis Amdur

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George Kohler
25th October 2000, 16:16
Hello Mr. Amdur,

I would like to say welcome aboard.

25th October 2000, 17:42
I did not have the opportunity to read many of the originals so thank you for gathering the essays together in book form. I’ll save more specific comment for later as topics come up, but for now what has the reaction been? Gotten any “Peace Threats” from pissed off aikidoka?

Michael Becker
25th October 2000, 19:49
Hello Mr Amdur

I recieved the copy of your book sent to me by Chris Le Blanc on Saturday. Thank you very much for signing it!

I first encountered your writing in your essay included in Diane Skoss' 'Koryu' book. The observations and anecdotes had me alternating between nodding my head in agreement and sometimes laughing out loud.

The new book has been as enjoyable a read as that article was. While I am not an aikido practitioner ( though I have practiced a little in the past ), I do not think this mattered. Many of the observations fit in with any martial arts practice and indeed with life in general.

Do you have any plans to write a biography covering more of your training experiences and some of the people you have met? As a practitoner of Tai Chi Chuan I would certainly be intrested in reading about Wang Shu jin and Hung I Hsiang for example.

For anyone reading this thread, buy a copy of this book and you will not be disappointed!

bob elder
25th October 2000, 20:20
I'd like to buy a quantity of your books for resale. Please let me know if you have a discount schedule. Thanks Bob Elder East Coast Martial Art Supplies

Ellis Amdur
25th October 2000, 20:25
Mr. Walker -

Truth be told, I've had very few negative responses to my writing over the years - at least voiced to me. I'm sure it's out there - but it hasn't come my way.

Mr. Becker -

I am working on a follow-up book, probably a limited edition called Old School, which will have my pieces on koryu previously published in JAMA and Furyu - with the edition of two or three new essays - on kusarigama, for one example. (Anybody who might be interested, please e-mail me with your address so I will be able to put you on a list to notify when it is bound and done - probably late next year). I will also probably have an essay in the Skoss' 3rd Koryu book. At that point, I intend to give myself a long rest in regards to writing on martial arts subjects. Otherwise, I'm going to get very tired of the sound of my own voice as I repeat myself.

I am also working on a book on verbal de-escalation aggressive and mentally ill people for those in the helping professions.

My contacts with Wang and Hung were far too brief to merit more than admiring conversation.

AS for an autobiography, I'm way too young, and I've got a long way to go before I might possibly offer anything of value - at least according to my own lights. I'm dead-on serious here - I appreciate the compliment, I know I tell a good story and I am aware I have a few opinions of value, but I do not merit the level of attention that a life story brings - I've got a long way to go before I can claim to have paid the necessary dues - I only hope someday I season myself enough to do so.

Ellis Amdur

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Michael Becker
25th October 2000, 21:09
Mr Amdur

I would certainly be intrested in obtaining a copy of the koryu book. I will email you in the near future with my details. Short of Dr Friday's book there seems to be precious little detailed information in the english language.

I look forward to the third volume in the 'Koryu' series also.

As for the autobiography, I didnt mean to suggest that you were a 'creaking gate'! ( a local term for old and past it ).
I was thinking along the lines of Dave Lowry's books. Anyway, it was just a suggestion.