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Walter Kopitov
25th October 2000, 13:33
Is there a way to do research on Japanese proffesional wrestlers form the 40s and 50s? In particilar a Shodo Morita.

Joseph Svinth
25th October 2000, 21:44
Assuming the wrestler did most of his work in Japan, start with an online search of http://www.puroresu.com . After that, read "Japan Times" (then known as "Nippon Times"). It is available on microfilm in many research libraries, and should be available via interlibrary loan most places.

If the wrestler worked outside Japan, then "The Ring" may have some mentions, but for the most part you will have to read old newspapers. Warning: this is a time-consuming process.

There isn't much point in looking at the 1940s in Japan, however, as Japan's first public professional wrestling show of the post-war era didn't take place until September 1951. The show was organized by the Shriners, and featured wrestlers included the Hawaiian Harold Sakata. As for local talent, Rikidozan made his debut two weeks later; Kokichi Endo (known as Ko Togo in the US) made his debute a couple weeks after that.

Joe Louis also did some exhibition boxing during this Korean War vintage tour. On his way back to the US, Louis also visited Taiwan. There Wang I-hsiang volunteered to take Louis' punch, but Louis declined.

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27th October 2000, 15:41
You might also contact Matt Fury who is a wrestler and author with an interest in wrestling history. He is acquainted with Karl Gotch who was a long time trainer of wrestlers in Japan.