View Full Version : K-1 promotions held sumo tourney! S-1!

6 Pack
8th May 2004, 11:33
K-1, a VERY large fighting promotion in Japan that holds MMA and kickboxing events held a sumo grand prix called S-1.

There was several name fighters in the tournament, to name a few, Bob Sapp, Gary Goodridge, Butterbean, and several others. Akebono, who is fighting under K-1, was not allowed to compete though.

Bob Sapp won the tournament beating Gary Goodridge in the finals. This was a minor surprise as one of the other contestants had some decent sumo background as I hear.

Any ways, it think they should put Sapp, the winner of the tournament, against Akebono in a super fight sumo match.

A mismatch you say? Akebono is already well established to say the least in sumo while Sapp is a novice. Well that did not stop them from making the kickboxing super match when the shoe was on the other foot. Just switch the names and you had the same scenario.

So lets see Sapp-Akebono 2! The when they are 1-1 they can settle the matter once and for all in MMA, which will be a common ground for these two. I am sure Akebono would do much better in MMA than he would Kickboxing, as he could use his weight to pin a man down and work. Sure Akebono does not have much stamina, but Sapp is notorious for gassing too. I still see it for Sapp, but it would be the best format for them to fight. Kickboxing and sumo are one sided one way or the other. But Akebono deserves Sapp in Sumo first. He met Sapp in his best fighting art...

6 Pack
14th July 2004, 00:54
ANy one see this event?

What do you guys think, good or bad for Sumo?