View Full Version : Akebono can restore his reputation

6 Pack
8th May 2004, 10:43
Akebono has fought twice in K-1 and has lost both times. The first a one round KO to rival Bob Sapp. The second a DQ when he punched the guy after Akebono shoved him to the ground.

I think the second fight should be ringing bells for Akebono. Forget the kickboxing! Fight MMA. The rules are much better suited for him. Most sumotori do not do well in MMA, but Akebono has the size, and strength, as well as the fact he has been cross training in striking for over half a year now.

He will be no threat to any one in the top ten, but he could notch some wins in some exciting fights if matched right.

K-1 has MMA fights, and they have to know Akebono is a big attraction, but will not win in kickboxing. So why would they not put him in an MMA fight? Make it a special rules where you can win by throwing your opponent out of the ring! That would sell huge in Japan!

6 Pack
13th July 2004, 23:56
decided to bring this thread back as some people have started to post here again.

Akebono is the famed Yokozuna, biggest of all-time, and has to have brought up some thoughts on his latest start in the martial arts.