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26th October 2000, 08:00
Greetings! :)

I have seen masters of Okinawan Shorin-Ryu do Bo kata and techniques... One thing I have not seen are Kamae. Does the Okinawan Bo system use Kamae like the Japanese Bo or does it not?


26th October 2000, 17:39

Yes, there are kamae or ready positions in Okinawan Bo kata. We do not remain in them for long tho. Most are assumed and then move on very fluidly right into the next technique. The typical fighting kamae which we assume (in the system I train under)is a side facing jigotai dachi (shiko dachi to most). The bo is aligned from the rear hip right along the front forarm and always points into the enemy's eyes. This allows for a very rapid in and out movement and a rapid nuke or tsuke with the bo tip.

26th October 2000, 20:42
Sure, there are kamae, as was said they arefluid and fast, in the different bo systems in use on Okinawa there are many different kamae.

But kamae are training wheels, one of the deeper 'secrets' of Okinawan martial arts is that really, there are no kamae.

Meaning in part, that if really attacked, either when unarmed or accompanied by your favorite kobudo weapon, you respond naturally from where you are at that moment.

Kamae, as well as stances, then, are training methhods that teach the proper 'feel' and 'range' and angles of your techniques, when the rubber meets the road you go from zero to shinken shobu instantly.Shin kun shobu?:-)

Hopefully the training in kamae and tachi waza in the kata and kihon will kickin with the proper body mechanics as needed.

27th October 2000, 05:16
Thanks for your responses. :smilejapa

And yes, I understand that kamae are not static postures, but a "tool" that helps us to make a transition from one movement to another. :)