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20th May 2004, 08:31
Hello to everybody,

I'm searching some information about old schools (koryu) and how to know its 'age'; doing that one doubt appeared.

What was the first written makimono?

I think that the Edo period, with the Tokugawa peace, a lot of ryu were written, meanwhile, before that, the ryu where taught directly from the master, without (or with few) written help. This will be also, maybe, because the paper was not a cheap resource.

Any idea or comment about that? I'll be glad in reading yours.


14th December 2008, 14:16

First I would like to know what you call a makimono.
Densho whith written teachings could be in form of makimono and menkyo licences/diplomas too.
Makimono was a format so informational support and was used becouse was one of the standarts of old Japan. As was kakemono as another exemple.
makimono was made to be read in horizontal way and kakemono was made to be read in vertical way. So kakemono is best used as hanging scrolls, and makimono as "books"and documents. But other standarts exists also. the Kirigami Menjo of Tenshin Shinyo Ryu are a good example of menkyo that is not in form of makimono.

I think I am talking to much..