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23rd May 2004, 22:18
In case anyone is interested, the yearly Mid-West Yamanni Ryu Weekend Summer Camp will be July 16-18th in Trafalger, Indiana. Your host will be Shihan Kiyoshi Nishime, 8th Dan Yamanni Ryu.

Meet lots of other folks who like to train and learn. Shihan Nishime is my Sensei so I shouldn't say this but... I think he's the best kept secret in Okinawa Karate/kobudo here in the central United States. The guy is flat out knowledgable and he moves like a fish in water when he does martial arts.

You'll get detailed instruction in mechanics, koshi, gamaku, four-quarter theory, body embusen and of course kata and Kumibo. If you're interested in this kind of stuff we hope to see you there. Feel free to private message me and I can get you further details.

Paul Adamson

19th July 2004, 06:29
Just finished up the Yamanni ryu Summer Camp and I thought I'd write a summary. I feel like beef jerky that used to be steak right now but it was a lot of fun. We discussed tons of theory including seichusen (true fighting line), quarter theory, staying behind the weapon, activation and use of the gamaku and koshi which results in efficient connective speed and power.

Practice and correction on the fundamental kata of Donyu Kon Ichi and Ni, Cho Un No Kon Sho and Dai, Ryubi No Kon, and Sakugawa no Kon. Did lots of Sai work and I learned the kata Kishaba no Sai Sho which I found to be extremely interesing and fun to do.

Sorry I'm so spent now, but hope to see you there next year.

Paul Adamson

Doug Daulton
21st July 2004, 03:10

I do not know if we had this conversation before or not, but I am originally from Cincinnati and know of Nishime's reputation and technique first-hand. He began in Matsubayashi-ryu I believe and later branched out to do his own thing.

As you say, he is an amazing practitioner to watch. He has very beautiful, very fluid movement. I've seen him in embu probably 20 times as a teen and young adult. Although I doubt he'd remember me, I took a seminar under him once a very long time ago.

I am glad to hear the seminar went well. Best of luck in your training.