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6th July 2004, 22:41
I have been told that most Okinawan cuisine is low calerie, and highly nutritious. What is the common food found in Okinawa, and what are some dishes found in the Ryukyu.

7th July 2004, 04:31
Konichiwa Sanders-san

Although I only have limited knowledge to this subject, I know that Okinawa food is more like chinese than traditional Japanese food.
They also consume the most kelp within the 47 prefectures and likes pork.
Some of their famous dishes are Tebechi or stewd pork foot and goya chanpuru or stir fried goya with eggs.
I hope this will be of some help.



7th July 2004, 15:02
Thank you, your reply helps me have a better understanding of the Okinawan diet.

My grandmother has a friend who is Okinwawan, unfortunately they live in Florida which is a long drive from where we live. We go visit her sometimes. I could get the recipes then.