View Full Version : Aikijujutsu in Maryland

15th July 2004, 16:03
I am looking for a dojo, for a friend. He lives near Glen Burnie. At the moment he has no computer access. Are there any Aikijutsu dojos near him?

Thanks for your replies,

15th July 2004, 16:57
Try the Aiki Martial Arts Institute, led by John Goss Sensei. They've been bringing Kondo Katsuyuki Sensei in for seminars since 1997 and launched the first Daito-ryu study group in the U.S. under the main line. You can get the contact and schedule info for your friend here: Aiki Martial Arts Institute (http://www.aikimartialarts.com/)

15th July 2004, 18:23
Thank you Rick..