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18th July 2004, 15:27
Hello all,

I am just now starting to practice a little sumo (informally at this point). We make a dohyo out of old judo belts and try our best to do sumo. We have tapes of throws and practices, and most of us have some judo background. I personally am faced with a few dilemmas though.

The first problem I have is that when I did judo I was a sutemi kinda guy. Even now my pull is pretty strong (haven't done judo formally in 5 years now), and I tend to do *BAD* pulling sumo. I, of course, get pushed out or down very easily when I do this. Does anyone know any good methods to break my pulling habit other then getting my butt kicked over and over again? It's getting better now that I realize what I'm doing, but still not good, it's hard to change ingrained reactions.

The other thing I was wondering is what sort of exercises do you do to enhance your sumo? I am smaller then most of the people I train with so am usually out muscled. I think it is when I am out muscled that I react by pulling. Besides shik(k)o, slapping trees and push ups, what other exercises should I be doing? I do go to the gym and work on things like chest press and leg press, etc., does this sound right?

thanks for all your help,
Chris Covington