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Doug Daulton
1st November 2000, 05:51
Has anyone else discovered Awamori - Okinawan rice whisky?

This is not sake ... it is an ultra-smooth and ultra potent libation which one can enjoy in the isakaya, but sadly is not available for export. :cry:

For more information check this out ...

<li><a href="http://www.awamori.co.jp/index-e.html">Awamori Website</a>

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Neil Yamamoto
1st November 2000, 08:02
I was treated to awamori a number of years ago. A wonderful treat until the next morining. I have only had one other hangover like this, off of Chinese vodka, can't remember the Chinese name for this stuff, but it was made from rice, sorghum, barley, and dried peas.

The awamori I recall was a very nice drink, smooth, nice mouth feel, clean, slightly herbal aftertaste. The taste in my mouth the next day made me think that I had licked the dojo tatami clean after class.

Who needs karate when you have awamori?

15th May 2001, 23:06
...equal. Some I like and some I don't. BUT the better ones don't put the hurt on you the next day (as much). I must say that Kumishiro is my favorite. Of course the best time to drink awamori is on a hot summer night, when you have nothing to do. *smile*

16th May 2001, 00:01
Awamori Zam-mpa, Awamori Zam-mpa, Awamori Zam-m-mpa!

Awamori Zampa!
I may never get that commercial out of my head.

Dave Lowry
20th June 2001, 14:42
Dear Doug,
Where were you last summer, last night at our soiree at Kenyon College? One of Quintin Chambers' lads had a bottle of awamori that we opened and sampled liberally.

Awamori is always served at da'tiku-kui, a ceremony that's performed to protect those going on long ocean voyages. This ritual's gotten some attention from anthropologists because it suggests some Tahitian or Polynesian influences on Okinawan culture.


Doug Daulton
20th June 2001, 18:03
Originally posted by Dave Lowry
Dear Doug,
Where were you last summer, last night at our soiree at Kenyon College? One of Quintin Chambers' lads had a bottle of awamori that we opened and sampled liberally. Dear Dave,

How in the world did I miss that? I would swear I could detect awamori a mile away! I guess my nose is going.

As for the Tahitian and Polynesian influences on Okinawan culture, could you provide a reference? I'd be interested in reading up on that.

Warm Regards,

27th June 2001, 04:06
Hi Doug,

I have a Japanese supermarket near me in New Jersey.
It's just as big as any A&P or Pathmark. They have just started carrying many Okinawan products.
Anyone who has ever been to Okinawa knows the name Orion(Okinawa's only homemade beer). They have just started importing many products from Okinawa including Orion.
I was given a list of products they will be importing in the very near future.
Are you ready for this?
On that list is Awamori.
When I get more info on this I will place it here.

Paul Snader

27th June 2001, 04:54
Hi Jim,
Yes, I have tasted Habu-Sake, if you can get past the snake in the bottle it's very good.
When I was in Okinawa with Iha Sensei and the whole Shido-Kan group from the US I got a chance to sample many differant Awamori's.
Most will kick your butt.
I can't wait until they are available in the US, should be within the next several months.

Paul Snader

Doug Daulton
11th October 2001, 16:56

Here is a new story on Awamori ...