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Yoarashi Kode
16th August 2004, 14:32
Hello all~ I didn't know exactly which this topic fell under, but since it's related to the Japanese sword, i assume it's here.

I've recently gotten a new interest with swordsmithing, well Japanese swordsmithing. I was wondering if anyone here can help me to find out how you can get into this line of work, and where to find a good Japanese swordsmith master.

Thanks ahead for any help.

Cameron Bolin

Bill Gallant
16th August 2004, 16:19
You're going to need contacts first and foremost. You may want to learn in the west instead of going to Japan, just a thought as there are some great guys on this side of the ocean.

I think a man named Peter Boylan knows some smiths, you can try him. He's out of.... Detroit I think, sells martial arts stuff. Google him and he should come up. He doesn't know you so.... don't know if he'll help.

In Guelph in July there is a traditional Japanese sword smithing school put on by Kim Taylor and his group at Sei Do Kai. You may want to give that a try before jumping headlong into a five year program in Japan.

Yoarashi Kode
16th August 2004, 18:10
thanx for the help~

16th August 2004, 23:35
Get in touch with the American Bladesmith Society and see what they say about getting started. http://www.americanbladesmith.com/

Evan London
17th August 2004, 11:38
You may also want to check out the Swordsmith forum on SwordForum International at: www.swordfroum.com.

Many of the top US swordsmiths post there.