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25th August 2004, 17:59

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Originally posted by Blackwood
Might I be so bold as to recommend the American Go Association (www.usgo.org/ ) web site? If you take a quick look around you will find a nice little book in PDF format called The Way to Go by Karl Baker. Good place for a beginner to start. It even includes some Proverbs for beginners that will help.

For those in the U.S. or visitors to the U.S., the AGA has posted the planned locations for the next five Go Congress'. Next year (2005) will be in Seattle, Washington. The following four will all be back in the East.

I wasn't unable to attend the 2004 Congress (New York), but a friend of mine attended and had a wonderful time.

I spent the same time period in Japan playing Go. So, I had a great time anyway.