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2nd September 2004, 00:14
I just plopped in to Koryu.com to catch up on my reading and I noticed two pieces discussing the rumor that there might be an Embu at the gravesite of Donn. F. Draeger or some kind of memorial in his name. This was originally kicked around in the Iaido-L mailing list, and it was significant enough for the Mr. Skoss and Mr. Amdur to write a little something about it. I feel that everyone should be aware of their feelings and reasons.



I posted this in the General forum seeing that there are so many visitors here and it would more than likely be read by a greater number of people. I do feel, however, that it really belongs in the Budo no Kokoro forum, as this extends into the true spirit of budo itself. The above passages are VERY real and heartfelt and I hope everyone takes a moment and reads what they have to say.


George Kohler
2nd September 2004, 15:56

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2nd September 2004, 23:41

Steve Delaney
5th September 2004, 10:34
Thanks Russ.

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Tripitaka of AA
5th September 2004, 22:24
The letters made interesting reading. I can see where they're coming from. If you actually knew someone, and you hear complete strangers planning a memorial which you know would have been against the deceased's wishes, you have to speak up. The point about seeking publicity or attention by association with the dead person's achievements is pertinent too.

In general however, I'm of the opinion that the deceased pretty much relinquishes any rights to ... well, anything. Fame, notoriety, respect or criticism can be heaped without restraint on those who no longer share the air with us. Their wishes count for "zip". It is only those who remain that can shape the "memory".

My own close example would be my late father. He took me to one side and made me promise that on his death I should contact a Funeral Director and arrange for the cheapest possible disposal of a body. He wanted a black rubbish bag and the local tip, or the next legal equivalent. He wanted no ceremony or ritual, no gathering of relatives nor contacting friends. ....after his death it became apparent that while "he" may not have wished any commemoration, his relatives and friends NEEDED the closure.

Having said all that, I think Mr Draegger's ideals should be respected [i]in the manner he would have chosen for himself.

Steven Malanosk
6th September 2004, 09:11
Perhaps a tribute to Don Eagle would be more apropo.......

11th September 2004, 02:00
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