View Full Version : First wara you ever cut.

2nd September 2004, 01:51
Cut my first wara last night - and on my birthday too! Took me five attempts - missed once, not enough power, shaved twice, and then *snick* - straight through. Anyone else here recently cut their first wara, or have a story about their first wara?

- Matt Bulluss

2nd September 2004, 06:09
You never said it was your Birthday!



Jock Armstrong
2nd September 2004, 07:01
Good for you Matt. Where do you train? Did you use goza/tatami omote? I confess to an ulterior motive- I want to find a distributor for tatami!!

2nd September 2004, 15:30
The first cut I made was a upper-right to lower-left kesa cut and the cut section didn't fall! Apparently, it's quite hard to do with a small wara.

Second cut sucked, though... :D

Ren Blade
2nd September 2004, 15:38
Happy Birthday and congradulations Matt. :cool:

I went to a tameshigiri seminar a couple months ago. The first mat I cut was a disaster. I hacked the mat up to where it's frailed and leaning all over the place and my sword didn't pass through it at all. The sensei took it off and put on another mat for me to cut. He slowly talked to me and coached me the entire time. The 2nd mat I still hacked up and still couldn't get my sword to pass through. Then I was gonna sit down cause we were to cut a couple mats then let the next person have their turn. But then the sensei told me "Wait." And put on another mat for me. Then he slowly and calmly talked to me again and trying to coach me the best he could to get me to cut. Then finally I tried less effort and my sword passed through and I finally made my first cut. I was pleasantly surprised. After that I was able to keep cutting and I finished off the mat with like 3 or 4 more cuts. So my first 2 mats was a disaster but I finally did it by my 3rd mat. After that, the sensei walked up to me and said "You know, although you didn't cut those first 2 mats (while he was pointing at the hacked up frailed mats on the floor), those 2 guys aren't walking away." :p

For the rest of the night I did more cutting and was able to do it to every mat put up with a few occassional botched cuts.

I feel the mat cutting helped my wazas a great deal.

3rd September 2004, 21:47
Hi Guys,

First, Happy Birthday Matt.

Secondly, Scott, you little devil, you did not tell everyone you filmed this cut. Also, you are consistent, as every cut since then has been of the 'it sucks' variety.

It has to be said - there is very little to compare to that first successfull cut, especially if you have witnesses.


Liam Cognet
6th September 2004, 06:04
I have only cut twice and only bamboo, not tatami. Both cuts (1 kessa top right to loewer left, 1 lower left to top right) were clean, however, I swung to far around after the cuts and ended up with my sword pointing away at some strange angle.

I do not cut often because I only do iai with an unsharpened sword. I need to use one of sensei's sharpies.

Is cutting tatami much more difficult than cutting bamboo?

Ren Blade
7th September 2004, 18:27
As far as I heard, cutting bamboo is more advanced than cutting tatami. Beginners usually cut mats first. But maybe it's just 2 different skills. I don't know. Cause mats simulate cutting flesh and bamboo similates cutting bone from what I've heard.

I'm going to another tameshigiri seminar soon. I'll have to ask the sensei bout this.

7th September 2004, 20:09
I've heard cutting bamboo is easier than cutting tatami.

However I can't give a personal opinion as I have only cut tatami.

Ren Blade
7th September 2004, 20:33
Bamboo easier than tatami? Well, that's new to me.