View Full Version : Indigo Dye Keiko-Gi & Hakama (USED)

13th September 2004, 06:27

My wife accidentally threw my keiko-gi and hakama into the dryer. So, I have some uniforms that no longer fit me that I need to part with.

The keiko-gi is a Fuji Brand Double Weave, Blue, Indigo Dyed Cotton (http://www.bogubag.com/Uniforms/Kendo/uniforms_kendo_gi.html) that retails for about $100 + $10 shipping at bogubag. It is a shrinked size 5 (fit about a person of size 4).

I'm asking $40 + $10 for shipping in the US.

The hakama is a size 25 which has shrunked to 90cm length (roughly size 24). It is the 8000 weave indigo-dyed (http://www.bogubag.com/Uniforms/Kendo/uniforms_hakama_cotton.html) that retails for $122 + $10 shipping at bogubag.

I'm asking $50 + $10 for shipping in the US.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at:


Please remove nospam above to e-mail as I don't check my PM too often.