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21st September 2004, 06:39
The convex mirror found in the Kamidana/Kamiza is a very nice metaphor for self-reflection and self-realisation. From a distance the reflection of the outside world and self seems distorted.. representing an illusion, as one draws closer to the mirror everything becomes clearer.

In Japan mirrors were traditionally used in a very different way from that in the west. They looked through the mirror image and through the "observing-self". The mirror was not an instrument of vanity and physical self-assessment, but of contemplation.

The individual does not gaze into the mirror to see a portrait of the physical and social person in front of the mirror, but to gaze through the physical into the innermost, mystical self.

In the west we look in mirrors out of a compound of narcissism and individualism, while traditionally the Japanese looked through the mirror.

If the Japanese want to see the reflections of their personalities, they do so through the mirror of society (or in this case, for us, e-budo.com society), the reflection of the effects of their actions and words on others. The ability to search a member's post history is truly like looking through a mirror on their soul.

So who do you see in the mirror when you look? An illusionary perceived self, with the true-self masked by ego or an authentic true-self with a transparent ego.

Best wishes to all, bye. :)

3rd November 2006, 22:24
Excellent post.