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John Lindsey
6th February 2002, 05:03
Not too much here, but its nice..


6th February 2002, 05:20
Sohke and the members came down to see us last year. He and his family come from Fukuoka. They certainly seem to experience problems before doing demonstrations. They have to send the spears and equipment by carrier to arrive before hand. Then get them sent back afterwards!

Hyakutake Colin

6th February 2002, 13:04
A few years ago I trained with these guys on Saturday morning. Had lunch and beer, toured the museum associated with the temple, then off to my place for Greek spinach pie. Our host (whose name escapes me) was very articulate, it was a very enjoyable day. I went to his iaido class the following Saturday but what I remember most is the agony in my legs and elsewhere the next morning. Those spears are heavy.

27th September 2004, 01:18

On Sunday September 26, there was a demonstration of Hozoin-ryu sojutsu at the Kofukuji in Nara. I was determined to see this for myself, but I've only been living in Japan for a few weeks and made some errors in navigating the JR lines that resulted in my missing the 45 minute demo. Needless to say, I was extremely dissapointed, but I was hoping that maybe some e-budoka might have been there. If not, are there any members who regularly practice and train in Hozoin-ryu. The threads on this koryu seem scant upon searching.

There is a website, but my Japanese is insufficient to translate it (http://www.hozoinryu.org ). Could anyone tell me if there is another demonstration of this school coming up anytime soon? Also are there other e-budo members in the Kansai-Osaka area? I would love the chance to see other koryu if there are demonstrations to be seen. I just don't know where to look. Thank you.

Mike Rodriguez

27th September 2004, 02:50
I meet with them fairly often. Hyoho Niten Ichiryu have a sort of arrangement that they attend our functions and embu and we attend theirs.

Hozoin Ryu are usually at the Miyajima Embu in Hiroshima in November. I don't have the dates for that yet. Apart from that I dont know.

Its quite a problem for them as they have to send on their equipment by delivery service beforehand.

27th September 2004, 04:44
About six years ago I spent on very pleasent Saturday with them. In the morning my friend and I trained in the dojo, then after lunch we were taken to the associated temple and museum followed by a long afternoon at my place eating my wife's spinach pie. I mention the pie because of the quantity consumed by our host. He was as much into that as we were into those long pointy things.

Impression: the spears are long and heavy and the stance is very hard when you are not used to it. My thighs stopped hurting about two weeks later.

Mike - I train in Osaka every Sunday. Sunday evenings are free and I enjoy beer. Where and in what do you train.

27th September 2004, 13:08
In doing a forum search on Hozoin-ryu, I remember coming across some replies from you two indicating that there was some inter-school training and friendly support going on.

Thanks for the information! I would enjoy the chance to see the embu you mentioned in November. Please let me know the details of this event if it is not too much trouble.

Thanks for the inquiry ^_^ I am not currently training in anything right now. My past efforts have focused on Swordsmanship. Kendo for a short time in college and some WMA training with John Clements in Houston. Thats really about it. I decided against coming to live in a foreign country determined to practice a specific art. I'm trying to be open-minded and look for budo opportunities near me as long as there is the potential for long term study and commitment and their was a general fit of personality/philosophy etc. Anyways, yes I live near Osaka and coincidentally also enjoy beer and have Sundays free. Please PM me more details. I welcome the opportunity to learn more about budo.

1st November 2004, 02:45
Hyaku, do you happen to have the dates for that Miyajima Embu?


1st November 2004, 03:17
We meet up on Miyajima on the 27th November. Embu will start on Sunday 28th and will go on until mid afternoon if not longer.

1st November 2004, 03:24
Rock & roll, Hyaku. Thanks fo' the info. I was really looking forward to making it, but I'm doing a Thanksgiving thing for my village on Sunday. Damn. Gambatte.

1st November 2004, 13:42
Originally posted by Mrodriguez
There is a website, but my Japanese is insufficient to translate it (http://www.hozoinryu.org )...
My Japanaese language skills are none existent but I mucked around the website anyway. I was particularly taken by the Hozoin-Ryu Raccoon Dog Soup listed on the English version of the home page. Don't know what's in it by they appear to have a lot of people enjoying bowls full.

Mark Galvin