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28th September 2004, 10:31
Sorry if anything about this has already been posted, but I was just looking for opinions on the following package from E-Bogu:

Iai Combination I: Best choice for people starting Iaido (http://www.e-bogu.com/Iai_Combination_I_Best_choice_for_people_starting_p/ebo-com-iai-iaicombo1--.htm)

I've been looking for a cheap Iaito for a while and have been hovering over the buy buttons on numerous sites (Swordstore, Tozando, Nine Circles etc.), but with this package it seems I get everything I need... I just haven't heard much about the Iaito that comes with it.

(edit: I will be saving for a good Iaito probably from swordstore in the future but I want to get a cheap Iaito that I won't be afraid to spoil in my first few months of using an Iaito)

Thanks in advance

Ren Blade
28th September 2004, 16:49
I like the girl. :)


A. Bakken
28th September 2004, 18:43
You get a lot for your money, but there are no choices for the iaito itself, apart from choosing between two lengths (2.35 and 2.45). You don't need the sword care tool set (at least not the uchiko), and you can get similar quality hakama for the same price many places.

Ren Blade
28th September 2004, 18:54
What about the girl? Doesn't she come with the set? :D