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16th October 2004, 03:43
Anyone out there have any info or references (English, onegaishimasu) on Kegon. I can only find a few short definitions online. When I Google it, it brings me mostly the same info.

There seems to be a bit of info in here on Shingon and Tendai, but nuttin' on Kegon.


Joshua Lerner
16th October 2004, 07:29
Hi Matt,

I thought I'd be able to help you out, since one of my classmates years ago was doing his dissertation on Kegon and Daoism, but I can't find his dissertation when I search for it at UMI Dissertation Services, so maybe he never finished it. And, of course, I can't remember his name either, except that he was Korean and I think his last name was Kim, so that doesn't help in the search.

You might fare better with Google if you also search for either "Huayen", "Hua Yen" or "Hua-yen", which is the Chinese pronounciation, or "Avatamsaka" or "Avatamsaka Sutra", which is the Sanskrit pronounciation.

Of the little I've read about Buddhism in the last 10 or so years, Yoshito Hakeda's Kukai: Major Works has a few references to Kegon that deal with doctrine. Not much, but better than nothing. If I get a chance over the next few days, I'll unpack some of my old books on Buddhism and see what I can find for you.

I was interested in it also for a while, and had a hard time finding anything really meaty on the subject, so please post anything interesting that you find.

edit: Right after I posted, I saw Wing-Tsit Chan's A Source Book in Chinese Philosophy sitting on the shelf behind our computer. It has a 20 page chapter on Hua-yen that you might find very useful.

17th October 2004, 11:18
Thanks a million! I'll check out both of those titles and see if I can't find 'em on Amazon. In the meantime, don't go out of your way...

L8R. And thanks.