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17th October 2004, 22:12
How many original styles, and by saying original, I mean, styles that were created by Okinawans not Americans, are there in existence.


Lee Marsh
18th October 2004, 00:20
There is a book by Mark Bishop, "Okinawan Karate," which gives a pretty good breakdown. It is not that easy a question, because there were a number of "family" styles which do not run in the mainstream but which are just as legitimately Okinawan as any others. Of course, American wannabees use the obscurity of some of the family styles to claim they studied one and thereby justify their made up garbage. Judging from the number of idiots I have met claiming to have studied under some "little old Okinawan guy," there must be about 7,000 "family styles"...all the deadliest and with the most secrets.:rolleyes: