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8th November 2000, 20:44
Dr. William Durbin, Soke of Kiyojute Ryu Kempo, has recently published a new book: Mastering Kempo.

Mastering Kempo covers all aspects of this "original martial art," as well as contributing to the reader's understanding of the many martial arts derived from Kempo, including judo, jujitsu and karate. Mastering Kempo thoroughly covers the discipline, from its history to in-depth explanations of tactics, techniques and the training the serious student needs to excel at any level.

In case you are interested in reading more about this book or in ordering it for yourself, here's the URL to the Human Kinetics website:

If you are interested in Kiyojute Ryu Kempo or Dr. William Durbin, please visit the http://www.kiyojuteryu.org/.


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15th November 2000, 11:34
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Hmmm....interesting. When I first read the information on the Human Kinetics site, it mentioned Durbin's PHd from the University of Oriental Philosophy. Today, it doesn't. Anybody want to guess why?

Steven Richards

Michael Becker
15th November 2000, 17:36
The matter of Mr Durbins PHd was addressed by Don Cunningham on his BB.

An explaination of why it may have been removed from his list of qualifications on the HK website is given there.

If anyone wants a link to the site to see what has been said then email me privately.

Michael Becker
18th November 2000, 21:31
The publishers have now written to Don Cunningham to thank him for contacting them and to inform him that they are removing all mention of Mr Durbins dubious educational claims from future editions of the book.

A transcript of the letter can be viewed on Don's BB.

20th November 2000, 14:54
Ahh heck Michael. Let's not keep this from these fine folks. Someone here may have even considered ordering this book. (doubtful, but possible.)

The following is a copy of a letter sent to Don Cunningham from the Human Kinetics people. It is in reference to Mr. Durbin using a phony academic title to get a book published.

Oh man, you know that's got to hurt!
I received the following reply to my letter informing Human Kinetics about their new author's bogus educational credentials:

Human Kinetics
1607 North Market Street
P.O. Box 5067
Champaign, IL 61825-5076

November 15, 2000

Dear Mr. Cunningham:

Thank you for your letter dated Nov. 13 regarding Mastering Kempo. We are taking steps to remove the reference to William Durbin's educational credentials you questioned in all marketing and advertising copy about the book. We also will remove the reference from Durbin's biographical sketch at the back of the book with the next printing.

I appreciate the effort you made to inform us and our subsidiaries.


Brian Holding

I would liked to have been present for the meeting when Mr. Durbin tried to explain the phoney doctorate degree from Juko Kai's University of Oriental Philosophy to his publishers. I'll bet that was interesting. I strongly recommend everyone to write to Human Kinetics, suggesting they print a sticker to correct the biography in the current printing.

When are these jacka**ess going to learn that you can't just go around making stuff up about themselves. It's unethical when you use it to impress others, and when you include it in advertising, it's illegal. This guy is a minister, too, for gosh sakes! What does this say about his moral values?

I wonder what Mr. Maney has to think about his hero now?
Don Cunningham -- The Bad Boy of Budo
Very good work Mr. Cunnigham, and Human Kinetics. They have show some integrity here, and they deserve to commended.

Steven Richards