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24th October 2004, 06:52
Hey there all,

I've made alot of friends on here and collected a ton of information, so I thought I'd post this here.

I'm looking to trade martial arts instructional videos, kyusho and everything else, but I am especially looking for anyone who has any Taika Oyata videos they might want to trade? I've seen a few minutes of this guy and he is AMAZING! (I had a guy in Texas who was going to trade with me but suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth).

I've got a ton of martial arts instructional videos and am looking for someone who wants to increase their own collection.

If interested, please send me a list and I will respond with same. Am especially interested in any Taika Oyata videos out there.


John Borter

Michael Bland
25th October 2004, 20:38
You can easily purchase from the source:

5th November 2004, 16:36
Yes http://www.ryu-te-supplies.com/Books%20and%20Tapes.htm
Taika Is a very skilled martial artsist, with lots of ability and knowledge, one of the last great okinawan masters I would say.
Anyway get them new they will last longer, but all except for tape thirteen are kata videos, thrirteen is a technique video, but I would not reccomend getting that before the other videos, all twelve kata, and then the techniques, it can be dangerous, very danerous :)
Happy Hunting ;)