View Full Version : Akebono to fight legendary ROyce Gracie in MMA!

6 Pack
30th October 2004, 18:20
THis new years eve, Akebono will fight Royce Gracie (an MMA legend) in his first MMA fight!

What do you guys think are his chances?

I think there is no way ROyce can take Akebono down. No way.

Royce will try to kick box with him and stay away, but Akebono will get him in a clinch and then take an easy takedown (he has takedown skills if he is a Yokozuna).

On the ground, with Akebono on top, Royce will have some major problems. Akebono can use his size to stay on top and control the fight. Royce will not be able to close his guard, have major problems jacking up his hips and swinging his legs up for an arm bar or triangle, and could not swing around for a leg underneith Akebono.

So this will be a fight Royce is unaccustom to.

I can honestly see Akebono winning a decision if he gets Royce down and stays on top of him controling the fight, and landing some blows (or a lay and pray if you will). It would not be the most exciting stuff, but he can happen for sure.

but alast, Royce takes no chances. He will most likely make the fight under "special rules" as he has in the past, and there will be no decision. So either it is a draw, or you have to finish your man. And Royce knows there is no way Akebono will submit him.

I hope there are decisions, because although Akebono will be an under dog, he would have a chance. And that is not bad for Sumo. To have one of its Yokozuna's beat one of MMA's champions in his first fight!

6 Pack
30th October 2004, 18:23
BTW Royce, in making more demands that make fights easier for himself, is making Akebono get down to 440 pounds for the fight.

Look for Royce to negotiate it so Akebono has very little chance in winning.

30th October 2004, 19:10
q.v. Genki Sudo vs. Butterbean. Or any of the previous sumotori performances in MMA.

Akebono may have been yokozuna, but he's a terrible MMAist (or kickboxer).

6 Pack
30th October 2004, 21:39
Originally posted by MikeWilliams
q.v. Genki Sudo vs. Butterbean. Or any of the previous sumotori performances in MMA.

Akebono may have been yokozuna, but he's a terrible MMAist (or kickboxer).

One sumotori subbed two K1 fighters in MMA. Henry Miller just scored a KO in 21 seconds on Bushido 5.

Sudo is better than Royce at this point. ROyce is not cranking out subs like Sudo can now. Royce has not subbed any one in years in MMA.

Akebono has not had an MMA fight, so to say he is a terrible MMAist is a little early don't you think?

He is a terrible kickboxer, but that is a sport in which his considerable size is actually a minus. In MMA he can use his size.

I think he could surprise some in this fight. Royce should win, but He could make it a tough fight for ROyce. If ROyce does not get his back on the ground, it will be a real struggle.

Comming from a sumo background does mean something in MMA. It means taking him down will be extrememly hard for ROyce. It also means he can take ROyce down. IF that happens, Akebono on top, you got ROyce in a bad spot.

Akebono and Butterbean are both big guys, but come from totally different backgrounds. Butterbean is a striker, Akebono a grappler. Akebono will have a better understanding of the ground (even if sumo has no ground work)

31st October 2004, 09:29
Ok, I'll admit it: calling Akebono a terrible MMAist was a prediction, rather than an analysis. :D

This is just a circus freakshow anyway. I'm a bit surprised that it actually might be going ahead - where did you hear about it?

6 Pack
31st October 2004, 18:00
I read it on the sherdog forum. ROyce is getting paid HUGE dollar. It is on the new years eve show, in Japan all the promotions put up really big cards to compete new years eve.

Yeah, it is a freak show, but I would love to see it. It is no Silva-Rampage, but a curious match-up in which I would like to see how it plays out.

Heres hoping SUmo previals:D

18th November 2004, 04:00
First off, yeah these MMA tourneys are not ever the most exciting thing ever--they're usually just porn with less tits and more gi. Akebono will have tons (no pun intended) on Royce in a grappling match, and he's no doubt taken a few strikes in his training (against wooden pillars, perhaps) so he's probably not too worried about strikes--besides, it's Royce.

What will be interesting to see is whether or not the two inertial differences in styles will make for a good show. Akebono will be fast and furious, and Royce is usually in for a longterm humpathon--I mean chessmatch...

The smart money says that Royce has got every fatass in the neighborhood in his gym trying out all of his fight-a-fatty moves. Royce also will prefer having some sort of physical boundary on the 'ring'--he uses these fences excessively. So the loser-leaves-first rule would only be more entertaining if Akebono could toss Royce out--or,hell, if Royce could toss Akebono out.

There is no doubt that this match will be greased with all of the customary B.S. that the Gracies are known for--more so than their sporty-hump art. It would be nice to see Gracie JJ taken off its feet, so to speak, by someone like Akebono. And little blood probably wouldn't hurt much, either. Kimo, anyone?

As for sumo in MMA comps, there was that one black dude in the first UFC that got his salad tossed by that savateur from Belgium--who consequently broke hand and foot and still made it to the final round with Roycie-boy.

Ahh, the wonderful world of bread and circus...