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14th November 2004, 21:17
Hello I will be making a trip to Warsaw at the end of Nov to the first part of Dec. I recently received my instructor's certificate in Ryukyu Kobudo and would be very happy to stop in somewhere and work with the local instructors to spread Kobudo free of charge if anyone is interested. You can contact me at timjurgens@hotmail.com. I have been training Karate since 1985, martial arts since 1982, and Kobudo with the Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai in Okinawa since 1995.

Robby Bray
15th November 2004, 00:51
Hey Tim. How are you? I was wondering since you have trained with the Hozon Shinko Kai in Okinawa if you knew Sensei Tamayose Hidemi?

15th November 2004, 20:12
I'm not karate men, but I'll foward your request to my friends in Warsaw(Poland, I suppose ;) ).

19th November 2004, 18:06

Tamayose Sensei honored my wife and I with a speach at our wedding. Akamine Sensei and Kuniyoshi Sensei put on a Kobudo Demo at the same celebration. Paul Vermiglio, the vanHeerdens, and Don Shapland were also there. In fact since you are in FLA I bet it was Don who met Steven Johnson when visiting me in Yokosuka Japan who then put the ball in motion by introducing Bill Woddard to Tamayose who then was introduced to your group.

Small world. Nice to meet you.