View Full Version : Get your Black E-Budo T's !

Budoka 34
16th November 2004, 21:20
Here is our chance guys. If we can put together a list of 25 persons interested in a Black E-Budo Tee shirt or sweat shirt Ken will consider doing the project!

If you have not yet seen his work it is fantastic!
I've gotten great feedback every where I've worn mine.

If you're interested just PM me here as I am making the list of interested parties.


17th November 2004, 05:12
I will post a photo of the "Black" T-shirt as soon as I can. As Randy said, in order for me to set-up the screens I need at least 25. A smaller logo would incur another set of screens. Maybe, a black golf shirt with embroidery (A Red Sun with E-Budo.com underneath it), on the left crest. As Randy stated, this a special one time offer.

17th November 2004, 14:56
The Special Order BLACK E-Budo.com T-shirt can be viewed at the link below:


This a special order item. Only John Lindsay and myself currently own these "black beauties". Of course, George Kohler will have his delivered to his front door, once all the orders are completed. Please, contact Randy Kite - Budoka 34 for details. He is handling the order list at this time.

Budoka 34
20th November 2004, 15:47
Ok guys, the clock is ticking on this deal! Let's get the word out. I would really like to put this order together. These shirts are to cool!:cool:


3rd December 2004, 19:56
A final deadline for the "Black Beauties" order has been set for December 19, 2004. All orders must be submitted to Randy Kite (Budoka 34) by 12/19/04. A reminder that, we still need a minimum on this special order.

View the "Black Beauties" here: http://home.earthlink.net/~screenman/id14.html