View Full Version : Hara <fighting knife>

the Khazar Kid
12th November 2000, 23:14
Does anyone have experience with this Okinawan weapon? I saw it on a kobudo page which I can't find anymore.

Jesse Peters

Doug Daulton
13th November 2000, 14:21

The Rochen (short spear) is usually paired with the Tenbei (shield). The Rochen is generally a wooden spear just a bit longer then the length of your forearm (wrist to just past the elbow).

That said, I've also seen the a machete or long knife used with the Tenbei. Perhaps this is the Hara? Just a thought.

Doug Daulton
13th November 2000, 14:26
An afterthought ... could you post the link of the page where you saw it. Perhaps that will help jog our collective memory.

7th April 2008, 22:27
According to John Sells book Unante: The Secrets of Karate, the hera is another term for Rochin, and the tohei is another term for the timbe. Tohei and hera are the older terms for the timbe/rochin. Hope this helps.