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16th December 2004, 16:03
Is there a major difference in the gripping methods for Jodo in the seitei gata of the kendo groups and that of the koryu forms and I ask the same of the kamae. Are these things directly taken from koryu or do they differ greatly?

Bill Gallant
16th December 2004, 16:04
same, same. as far as I know....

Tim Atkinson
16th December 2004, 20:37
The seitei jodo kamae tend to be more square as are the kendo kamae.

Andy Watson
17th December 2004, 10:12
The kamae in seitei jodo is now pretty much the same as the koryu i.e. mainly ya ya hanmi, as specified in the new ZNKR Seitei Jodo Manual.

There are no specifications for tenouchi in the manual and so this falls into the realm of the teachers' own interpretation of jodo. In my experience, tenouchi is taught although less so than iaido or kendo. Body dynamics seem to be more important in jodo than tenouchi and this is why I guess there is not a lot of emphasis on it.

I remember Yano sensei however using tenouchi to an incredible effect on the last harai uchi at the end of Ran Ai. Ouch!

17th December 2004, 16:08
While not tenouchi, there is a difference in the distance between the hands on the jo when doing seitei vs koryu. Not a huge difference..but still a difference.

Jock Armstrong
18th December 2004, 01:30
On a tangent here, one of my students is keen to learn jodo but while I can use a jo type staff [mainly from my training in Filipino arts and Bo], I wouldn't call it jodo. Are there any sources where I can get kata or partner sets on video or stills for him? I don't know of any jodo people any further north than Brisbane [even there] and Townsville is 1500km north of that. As I said, my exposure to jodo is minimal to say the least. He is dead keen and wants to do it "trad". Maybe later on he can teach me!!

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Brian Owens
19th December 2004, 01:14
Originally posted by Jock Armstrong
...Are there any sources where I can get kata or partner sets on video or stills for him?
Here's one source: Jodo Video (http://www.buyubooks.com/product_details.cfm?id=10295)

Japanese language only. Volume 1 of 3.


Guy LeSieur
19th December 2004, 02:26
Bonjour M. Armstrong,

Here are two pages worth of jodo/jojutsu videos.


Brian Owens
19th December 2004, 02:51
Originally posted by Guy LeSieur
Here are two pages worth of jodo/jojutsu videos.

Interesting; one of the videos is by Masayuki Shimabukuro.

"8th dan Kyoshi, Masayuki Shimabukuro instructs the Kihon (Basics) of Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo in this video."

I know of him as a MJER exponent, but didn't know he was a Jodoka. Does anyone know if his 8th Dan Kyoshi title is in SMR?

Tim Atkinson
19th December 2004, 20:56

This link has a list of dojo through out Australia, Jojutsu Australia (http://www.jojutsu.com/).

I also have copies of the videos that Brian has listed. PM if you want more info.

Earl Hartman
20th December 2004, 19:01
Mr. Shimabukuro's organization apparently also practices the ZNKR jo seiteigata, (what they call "katachi"). They sell two videos that I know of: one showing the kihon dosa and the other showing the 12 ZNKR seiteigata. I have seen the seiteigata video.

They appear to have a somewhat idiosyncratic take on these kata. As far as I can tell, the movements and sequences of techniques are the same, but their interpretation of the kihon dosa of which the kata are constructed, their understanding of ma-ai, and their style of swordwork differ quite considerably from that of traditional SMR jo. I haven't seen much seitei jo, but from the little I have seen, Mr. Shimabukuro's interpretation of the kata seems quite different as compared to seitei as well.

21st December 2004, 02:34
English manuals and videos for seitei jo, http://www.sdksupplies.netfirms.com/

Jock Armstrong
21st December 2004, 07:54
Thanks for the help fellas- now I'm up to my eyeballs in material- its great. I'd llike to thank everyone for their efforts.

I'm swilling a gin and tonic as we speak....mmmmmmmmmmmm....very civilised. Thanks again- poor Matthew will have a heart attack when I tell him how much he has to learn!!!!